EPS, XPS, PU, Styrofoam


EPS, XPS, PU, Styrofoam

EPS Chips,

For structural insulation panel, EPS, XPS, and PU are the most widely used core, many clients don’t know exactly what materials they are, what advantage and disadvantage of the different core, here we offer some info:

EPS: Expanded polystyrene.

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Mixing polystyrene resin with a foaming agent, after heating processing, the resin will be forming a rigid closed-cell foam. As it is made of 95% air, it is therefore extremely safe and above all, non-toxic. Al Najah Packing Material Tr providing the best Styrofoam Sheets Dubai.  It is easy to install and has excellent physical properties, providing a durable solution for construction works with the best mechanical results. Depending on the products, their type of container for transportation, and the amount of protection required and movement allowed, will decide whether to use chips or beads for the transporting. Beads normally for small objects with reduced packing space.


XPS: Extruded Polystyrene

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It is continuously extruded and foamed by a special process. The hard film formed on the surface is even and flat, and the internal closed-cell foaming is continuous and uniform, forming a honeycomb structure. At Al Najah Packing Material Tr, we provide a range of high-quality XPS sheets in UAE for insulation purposes. We can recommend and supply the most suitable product to meet your needs.

PU: Polyurethane,

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Polyurethane panels made of isocyanate and polyether. It is polymerized by high-pressure spraying and on-site foaming under the action of various auxiliary agents such as foaming agents, catalysts, and flame retardants. Understanding the needs of various kinds of processes and requirements of various industrial needs, we have brought forth to our clients one of the most outstanding quality Styrofoam Sheets in Dubai, which is very much efficient and reliable in its use.


• Lightweight, thereby reducing transport costs for packaged products.

• Inexpensive and durable, with high compressive strength, meaning excellent load-bearing and protection of products.

• EPS is environmentally friendly: no CFC’s / no HCFC’s / ozone favorable / 100% recyclable.