Stretch Films


Stretch Films

[ Hand Grade & Machine Grade ]

Stretch Film Manufacturers & Suppliers

We are one of the top-rated stretch film manufacturers and suppliers in UAE. Stretch Film is one of the most common packaging materials to wrap products and secure them in the best way. Stretch film are a stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around carton boxes, baggage, luggage, and pallets stretch film elastic properties keep items tightly bound together for packaging, shipping, and storage.

Al Najah Packing Material Tr provides one of the best packing materials in UAE, which deals with assembling and supplying a wide group of stretch film such as manual (or manual) wrappers, semi-automatic wrappers, automatic wrappers, manual films, plastic films, machine, specialized films in view of shades, UVI and silage and in addition you can obtain the varieties of alternatives of clear and dark, which benefit from pressing arrangements according to the needs of the client.

The key features of our stretch films are:

  • The uniform and high holding force that the stretch film applies to a load
  • It provides protection from dust and damage methods.
  • Its ability to identify the product while also keeping it clean.
  • Resist to heat and corrosion
  • It is the most economical method of unitizing

Thus it is extremely suitable for industrial packaging solutions and pallet wrapping and is a boon for today’s modern packaging industry.