Garbage Bag


Garbage Bag

HDPE and LDPE Garbage Bags

Al Najah Packing Material Tr is the best place to get the Garbage bags in UAE. Heavy duty garbage bags are strong and sturdy and have high thickness to ensure better leak and tear resistance. Most bags these days made by Plastic HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE Material which is comes from Polyethylene raw material and plastic bag are typically green or red or white or black in color. Garbage bags are an easiest way to remove trash from the plastic dust bins. Currently we are supplying our HDPE and LDPE garbage bags all over UAE.

We offer an exclusive range of Recycling Garbage Bags in Dubai, UAE with all sizes, color and easy to use and 100% biodegradable. Our clients of garbage bags include facility management, hospitals, distributors, shops, supermarket and government bodies etc.

We are professional and reliable Garbage Bag Supplier in Dubai, UAE.  Our Garbage Bags are highly durable and have resistant bottom against leakage. We do offer garbage bags and Heavy-Duty Trash Bags, Bin Liners, Coloured Trash Bags. with print as well.

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